STATUS: closed
CONTACT: discord (tohylo#0777) or e-mail: (

 My commissions are 'nyp' (name your price), whatever you throw at me I'll most likely take :-) if you're unsure, I usually take a min. of:
30$ for a fullbody
50$ for a custom design

 I can draw almost any type of art, just ask and we'll figure something out~
 payment via PayPal, if you cannot do that we can try something else.
 any questions are welcome, I'm open to discuss.

 STATUS: closed
 Will include at least a fullbody, headshot & chibi unless wanted otherwise
 I will send a scribbled concept for you to confirm/request changes before working on the final sheet
 Please include at least a gender, species & general theme for your request, you can add as many details as you wish idm :-)

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STARTED: custom for M.
custom for H.
couple fullbody for C.