This page will be updated with time and new links will be added :-)

17776 - what football will look like in the future

20020 - a sequel to 17776

Loved (2010) - a confrontational short story by Alexander Ocias (uses arrow keys)

 Robot Unicorn Attack - that one unicorn running game, you know the one, + heavy metal

Neko98 - ANeko for Windows

1 2 3 4 5 - piracy related - internet operating system based on command-line interface

Bad Time Simulator - .....sans fight

WMP skins archive - a bunch of Windows media player skins free to download

The Endless Forest - idle multiplayer game/screensaver about deer with human faces. Very surreal, relaxing & nostalgic atmosphere :-)

MediaHuman YT 2 mp3 converter - (download) best YouTube/Spotify etc. to mp3 converter

 Music discovery:
Bandcamp - online record store and music community, super good for finding unique and lesser known artists, my profile
Every Noise at Once - map of 700+ music genres
Gnoosic - enter your favorite bands and get music recommendations
Panther - same thing
Music-Map - same thing but it makes a map
Radiooooo - music from anywhere and any time in the world
Songs Like X - enter a song and get a playlist of similar tracks

RealNeville - archive of Neville Goddard's lessons in txt and audio form
CTraces - a collection of interesting short reads, my favorite
The Future Will Be Technical - an essay

My dear and beloved friends, please check them out  

Work in progress for whenever I find the time to draw sprites ;-)